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New Reviews

First Quarter, 2011

Fiction Kelly Sinclair's Lesser Prophets

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q1, 2010) (F)

First / Second Quarter, 2009

Fiction Denise Gruska's The Only Boy in Ballet Class

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q1-2, 2009) (F)

Fiction Tala Bar's Ya'el

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q1-2, 2009) (F)

First / Second Quarter, 1999

Fiction B.A. Chepaitis' The Fear Principle

Reviewed by Lynn Kane (Q1-2, 1999) (F)

Fiction B. Reece Johnson's The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q1-2, 1999) (F)

Fiction Dodici Azpadu's Saturday Night in the Prime of Life

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q1-2, 1999) (F)

Non-FictionJaeda DeWalt's Haunting Hands A Photographic Essay and Collection of Poems

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q 1-2, 1999) (NF)

Non-Fiction Janis Appier's Policing Women: The Sexual Politics of Law Enforcement and the LAPD

Reviewed by Lynn Kane (Q 1-2, 1999) (NF)

Fiction Leong Liew Geok's More than Half the Sky, Creative Writings by Thirty Singaporean Women

Reviewed by Lynn Kane (Q 1-2, 1999) (F)

Fiction Lyn Mikel Brown's Raising Their Voices: The Politics of Girls' Anger

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q 1-2, 1999) (F)

Non-FictionMartha Shelley's Haggadah: A Celebration of Freedom

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q 1-2, 1999) (NF)

FictionMelanie Villines' Tales of the Sacred Heart

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q 1-2, 1999) (F)

Fiction Nancy Sanra's No Escape

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q 1-2, 1999) (F)

Non-FictionSadia Carone's Circle Words

Reviewed by Lynn Kane (Q 1-2, 1999) (F)

Non-FictionVirginia G. Drachman's Sisters In Law: Women Lawyers in Modern American History

Reviewed by Lee Anne Phillips (Q 1-2, 1999) (NF)

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Where To Find Women's Books

You can find the books reviewed here at one of the many women's bookstores listed in the Feminist Bookstore Index. The links indicated here point to text-only versions of the index for the convenience of women with slow modem connections but a prettier Netscape-enhanced version is just a hotlink away.

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Under Construction - Women At Work This online publication is a cooperative effort by many women and will be changing as time goes on. The overall purpose of the site is to encourage women to read women's books and to buy women's books at women's bookstores if they possibly can. The site was loosely (some might say chaotically) connected with the former Feminist Bookstore Index at IGC, an online resource indexing women's bookstores all around the world, now supplanted by Carol Sejay's Canadian and USA list of women's bookstores, and we encourage you, if any of these books sounds like they would interest you, to find the women's bookstore nearest you (if you haven't got a favorite one already) and support women's words by buying women's books at women's stores.

Fine Print

The opinions expressed herein represent the thoughts of each individual reviewer as they react to the book in review and are not indicative of the thoughts of any other woman or of the collective thinking of Women's Books Online, which actually has no collective existence other than as a site on the world-wide web. Any errors or omissions are either entirely my own (Lee Anne), or Lynn's, or the separate errors and omissions of the individual reviewers but we disclaim any responsibility other than correcting such errors as they are brought to our attention. Someone will respond promptly to any author or publisher who contacts the site (probably me or Lynn) with corrections or notification of any mistaken statements of fact such as a misspelling of the author's name or of the title of the book (hey, these things happen) or perhaps you could submit another review (as described below) if you can find someone other than the author (who might be rather more partial to her own book than the average reader) to write the review. Omission or inclusion of a book in this review is neither a condemnation nor an unqualified endorsement of any particular book but merely represents the fact that time and space are finite and we can't review everything but only what strikes our uncollective fancy of the moment. If you know of a book you'd like to see reviewed, please feel free to inquire about it to one of us or to anyone else on the page, or write your own review and, if it meets our flexible and ever-changing standards and time schedules, it will appear in a future edition.

Neither this file nor any of the individual reviews contained herein may be copied or reduced to any permanent medium, whether electronic, magnetic, paper, or any other storage medium, other than temporary and incidental transfers of data for the purposes of viewing in a web browser or other viewing client, nor may they be used for any commercial purpose, without the express written permission of the individual authors.

Thank you for your continuing support of women's books and bookstores.

Lee Anne Phillips and Lynn Kane, The Un-Management


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