Bookwoman Logo Description

The illustration at the left is by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Woman Reading in a Landscape / Femme lisant (1869), now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. The picture is a photograph of the original, an oil on canvas, twenty-one and three eighths inches high by fourteen and three quarters inches wide, but has been cropped slightly and reduced in size. The portrait is of a young woman in profile, reading a small book held on her lap. She is seated out of doors, a little ways away from the shore, and there are low grasses and plants behind her and to either side. In the deep background is the small figure of a man with a red cap seated in or near a small boat. The woman's dark hair is bound up with a set of three metallic gold hair ribbands and caught up in a bun at the back of her head. She is a long dress in a style popular in the eighteen sixties, a very dark green underskirt with a golden print overskirt — the latter slashed and gathered to reveal the rich texture and color of the underskirt — and a sky blue bodice and sleeves with a white capelet decorated with a red ribbon.